Here is the first draft of the final copy of the presentation. I have the following modifications to make, however, I thought it might be good for both of you to look at:

1. I have to make sure that I have cited everything correctly.
2. I want to put more pictures
3. I might put music to it if I can find a good song on my CDs. For some reason, I can't put any of my itunes music on it. If you know how, please let me know!
4. I will probably change some of the fonts. I am going to play with it at work tomorrow since the 5th grade will be having TAKS, I will have the whole day to play.

Hi Kim,
The powerpoint looks good! I did have one concern, though. We were supposed to use two text books for the presentation so that is why I included the Lemov text about 100% technique. I am not for sure if she would count off or not if we only use one textbook. Let me know what you think. You did such a nice job on the project that I would had for you to change anything if it is not necessary. Let me know what you think.


This is the "final" final....let me know if I can post it! Have a great weekend!